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Complete! Includes all doctors fees, pre-op tests, consultation, anesthetist fees, normal hospital fees, post-op visits, medical supplies and medications.

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This deal includes a complete male face lift with neck lift, all doctors fees, pre-op tests, anesthetist fees, pre-op consultation, post-op visits, normal hospital fees, medical supplies and post-op medications. There are no surprises. No deposit or prepayment is required. No down payment necessary! Click on the link below for full details.

Male Face Lift with Neck Lift Deal

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Offered by the Medical Group of Costa Rica


Price $4000 for this Male Face Lift with Neck Lift Deal!

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Details of the Male Face Lift with Neck Lift
Below are details about the Male Face Lift with Neck Lift. If you have any further questions, please write us at Please reference deal number 314495.

ArrivaGroups is located in San José, Costa Rica and this is where the procedure will be performed. The Male Face Lift with Neck Lift deal is offered by the Medical Group of Costa Rica®, whose Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons are among the finest in the world.

Overview – Male Face Lift with Neck Lift
A male face lift with neck lift surgery improves sagging facial skin, jowls and loose neck skin by removing excess fat and tightening muscles and skin.

Facelifts (also known as face lift, endoscopic face lift, mid face lift, midface lift, mini face lift, mini-facelift, scalp reduction, rhytidectomy, traditional facelift, deep plane facelift, smas facelift, temporal facelift, subperiosteal facelift, short scar facelift, S-Lift, vertical facelift or vertical rhytidectomy) combined with neck lifts are helpful for eliminating loose skin folds in the neck and laxity of tissues in the cheeks and neck to achieve a more youthful appearance.

A male facelift with neck lift requires skin incisions; however, the incisions in front of and behind the ear are usually inconspicuous. Hair loss in the portions of the incision within the hair-bearing scalp rarely occur.

Facelifts are optionally combined with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and other facial procedures (chin implants, cheek implants, forehead lifts), and are performed under general anesthesia.

For men worried about the scalp being pulled back in front and needing a hair transplant, this is very rare as advanced techniques have now evolved to eliminate this problem. Modern male face lifting techniques utilize small incisions in the hair line near the temples and behind the ears.

In a traditional facelift, an incision is made in front of the ear extending up into the hairline. The incision begins at a point above the ear and coming down in front of it, the incision continues curving around the earlobe, then behind the ear.

After the skin incision is made, the skin is separated from the deeper tissues over the cheeks and neck. At this point, the deeper tissues (SMAS, the fascial suspension system of the face) can be tightened with sutures, with or without removing some of the excess deeper tissues.

The skin is then redraped to have a natural look, the excess skin is removed, and the skin incisions are closed with sutures.

There are several methods for face lifts with neck lifts and this ArrivaGroups deal offers the most typical approaches to suit your situation. This ArrivaGroups deal is a traditional (SMAS) face lift and not a “lunch time” type of facelift which has limited, short term results.

The procedure can take from three to five hours. There will be some degree of discomfort following surgery but fortunately little pain. Swelling occurs but usually begins to subside in several days. A degree of swelling may continue for longer periods, but eventually diminishes.

Number of Days
Only one visit is necessary to Costa Rica for the Male Face Lift with Neck Lift procedure and you will be here for only 5 days. You should allow one day for arrival, so 6 days will be the full total.

If you have other combinations of medical or dental procedures in mind, we will write to you with the total number of days needed for the combination.

Price $4000

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