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Complete! Includes all doctors fees, consultation, medications, medical supplies and post-procedure visits.

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This deal includes a complete Laser Scar Removal Treatment, all doctors fees, consultation, medications, medical supplies and post-procedure visits. There are no surprises. No deposit or prepayment is required. No down payment necessary! Click on the link below for full details.

Laser Scar Removal Treatment Deal

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Offered by the Medical Group of Costa Rica


Price $340 for this Laser Scar Removal Treatment Deal!

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Details of the Laser Scar Removal Treament 

Below are details about the Laser Scar Removal Treatment. If you have any further questions, please write us at Please reference deal number 314556.

ArrivaGroups is located in San José, Costa Rica and this is where the procedure will be performed. The Laser Scar Removal Treatment deal is offered by the Medical Group of Costa Rica®, whose doctors are among the finest in the world.

Overview – Laser Scar Removal Treament

Scars begin with a wound that becomes inflamed and forms a hard tissue. There are different types of scars e.g. Keloid, Hypertrophic or Atrophic scar. Keloid scars are usually firm, raised, and have reddish-purple characteristics that extend beyond the initial wound area and builds over time.

Hypertrophic scars are firm, raised and pink. Atrophic scars are depressed pin-like pockets in the skin that result from skin conditions such as acne. Effects of the environment can make scarring worse, for instance, sun exposure. Today’s laser treatments, using advanced lasers, can erase or reduce the appearance of scars by up to 80 percent or more.

During the treatment, the laser is moved along the scar. The intense laser light vaporizes (removes) a layer of skin and a more natural-looking skin layer materializes over time as the healing takes place. The scar is eliminated or minimized depending on the type and depth.

Essentially, the laser regenerates the skin, as well as stimulating collagen underneath (in the dermis) thereby creating the added benefit of filling in any irregularities on the skin’s surface.

Areas that may be treated

Fractional CO2 lasers as well as other types of lasers are used for scar and acne treatment, and they may also be used anywhere else on the body where scarring is present.

Laser Technology

Scar reduction or removal is performed with one or more lasers such as the Fractional CO2 laser, V-Beam, Er: Yag, Frequency Doubled Q-switched or ND: Yag, depending on your situation.

The treatments are very effective and the lasers used are among the most effective lasers available today. As example, the CO2 laser has long been regarded as the gold standard in skin rejuvenation, and the new Fractional CO2 laser delivers powerful results without the discomfort or side effects of previous CO2 lasers.

Number of Treatments

Up to six (6) sessions (visits) may be required to reduce or remove many scars, with visits scheduled no sooner than two months apart. You may have additional treatments here in Costa Rica or at home.

The laser will remove the top two to four millimeters of the epidermis to effect a deep resurfacing. At the same time, the laser will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin tissue resulting in the stimulation of new collagen.

The result is the filling in (reduction) of depressions in the scars and/or scar pits, filling in fine wrinkles, smoothing of the skin texture, and pigment correction.

Noticeable results appear within 4 months (after 2 sessions), remarkable results in 8 months (after 4 sessions), and excellent results with the full effect (smooth, thicker skin with fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations virtually gone) in about a year (6 sessions).

The results become longer lasting as you approach the full amount of sessions (collagen builds up, and scars reduce as the outer skin becomes thoroughly rejuvenated due to being continually “lasered” and replaced over time.

Number of Days

Only one visit is necessary to Costa Rica for the Laser Scar Removal Treatment and you will be here for only 2 days. You should allow one day for arrival, so 3 days will be the full total.

If you have other combinations of medical or dental procedures in mind, we will write to you with the total number of days needed for the combination.

Price $340

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