Rules For All Procedures Selected Through ArrivaGroups®


These rules apply unless the conditions of an offer states, or law requires, otherwise.

For over 15 years, the Medical Group of Costa Rica® and the Dental Group of Costa Rica® has been supporting doctors and dentists in Costa Rica by bringing scores of Americans to Costa Rica for the finest in medical and dental procedures. These groups are well-established in the medical and dental community, and provide the very best world renowned surgeons and dental specialists for the latest cutting edge state-of-the-art procedures. ArrivaGroups works exclusively with these groups to bring you world-class procedures at group-buying prices.

1. All deals have a promotional value. This is the advertised amount of the deal.

a. The promotional value will expire on the date specified in the offer unless prohibited by law. The promotional value cannot be combined with other offers. There are no sales taxes on medical treatments in Costa Rica. All deals are fully transferable to family members or friends. Some restrictions, including the persons medical condition and suitability for the procedure, may apply.

b. If an ArrivaGroups purchaser selects a deal but does not actually use it, it is of no consequence. The procedure will not be scheduled.

2. ArrivaGroups will issue a coupon or voucher for the deal(s) you select. The coupon or voucher is only redeemable with the issuing doctor/dentist/merchant and/or venue, and for the goods or services identified on the coupon or voucher. If the doctor/dentist/merchant and/or venue refuses to honor any voucher or if the intended recipient of the deal is not fit for the procedure, the selection will be deemed null and void with no further obligations on the part of ArrivaGroups or any other parties to the deal. No deal is guaranteed and there may be circumstances why the procedure(s) associated with the deal cannot be performed.

3. No offer, coupon or voucher is redeemable for cash, unless required by law.

4. Unauthorized reproduction, resale, modification or trade related to any offers, services, coupons or vouchers is strictly prohibited.

5. Please read our full Terms of Use and check out How It Works

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