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Would you like free cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dental for yourself while earning thousands of dollars referring people to us? When becoming an affiliate under the ArrivaGroups® Affiliate Program™ we pay a 7% cash commission when sending friends, relatives, office workers or customers who select a deal and have the procedure performed. As an example, many beauty shop owners, hair stylists, estheticians, masseuses, spa owners and nail salon owners make thousands of dollars “listening” to their customers and simply making them aware of ArrivaGroups deals. When your customers select a deal on our web site, they will enter your affiliate code and we will keep track of everything for you. Cash payments are paid promptly. You may also choose to have free cosmetic surgery or dental for yourself instead of cash payments by simply accumulating credits with us. For every 10 people buying a deal with your affiliate number, a doctor or dentist will give you free treatments up to the credits you have accumulated. Please go here for a complete list of procedures that you may choose from. Ready to make thousands of dollars in referral commissions or have a complete makeover? Your free procedures are effective from the moment you sign up. There is no cost or obligation. Please go here for details on how to get started.

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7% Cash Commission

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All offers subject to change without notice. Medical and Dental services are available only in Costa Rica. Some procedures may not be appropriate for some people and substitutions are permissible whenever possible. Restrictions apply to all deals and affiliate offers. Full details on deals are available when ordering and full affiliate details are available when signing up. Void where prohibited by law.

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